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Cross Tab - Column Header Issue

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Hi Guys,

I hope this is simple to solve, unfortunately I’m just not getting it.

So I have Columns A,B,C and D. I want to use cross tabs tool on Column C and D, where C will be the new Column headers and D will be the values.
Everything works fine except that my new Column headers were slightly renamed.

Before the Cross Tabs, Column C was a list of Taxonomies, example of one of many taxonomies- “T.123.45.6” and after the cross tabs tool the Column names were something like this - “T 123 45 6” ... all the “periods” were replaced by a space or underscore. How can I get my Column headers back to having a period? In excel I would just do, replace character “space” with “period”. Why does crosstab tool remove the period?

The reason I need the Column headers exactly how it was before the crosstab, is because I plan to Union this into a template where every column on that template is a taxonomy. Ex “T.123.45.6”
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This is the best response I've seen. Thank you for sharing it with us.


Happy Holidays,



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A round about way to fix the header if you have multiple alphanumeric names would be to add a record ID column and do two crosstabs (one with the record ID and actual header names you want and one with the record ID and other data column you want). Then union them and use a dynamic replace to change the header (record ID numbers) to the header names you originally wanted.


It isn't an elegant way of doing it, but it may help avoid having to sift through data and get technical with formulas.

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thanks for this workaround.

But honestly, isn't this a bug in the tool? I was using the crosstab tool in context of generating a JSON File with a given structure. Replacing certain characters tends to break those.


Is there any bug report or an idea yet that I could upvote?

Or is there a chance for a CReW Macro that does this better?