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Creating Groups

6 - Meteoroid



Any help in grouping a large data set using the requirement detailed in the example below would be greatly appreciated. 


The first four rows fall into the same group due to the fact that a record within the row (marked in bold) has been categorised previously. Row 5 contains a completely unique data set, therefore a new group is created, as has Row 7.


Essentially, if any value is repeated throughout Col A, B or C, which has already been grouped, it should inherit the same group.


RecordIDCol ACol BCol CCombinedOutcome
1a1ya 1 yGroup 1
2a2xa 2 xGroup 1
3b3zb 3 zGroup 1
4b1zb 1 zGroup 1
5d20td 20 tGroup 2
6d30ud 30 uGroup 2
7e50pe 50 pGroup 3
8f3lf 3 lGroup 1
16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Hi Irhatigan,


If I understand correctly, I think record 3 might be wrong in your dummy data as all three fields are unique but you've still allocated it as group 1...


Think I cracked it eventually though (this was very challenging!). Take a look,


Let me know if this is what you're after.




16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula
6 - Meteoroid

Hi Philip, 


The solution provided has worked, thank you. I had to modify it slightly as my data includes null values, but this has provided a much faster way of grouping unique scenarios in a large data-set.


Record 3 contains 'b' in ColA which is also contained in Record 4 so therefore not unique.


Thanks again!