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Create a APP to allow user to enter a value to a table questions

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I want to create an App which allow 4 people to enter their Decision : "Approve" Or "Not Approve"

If all 4 people enter "Approve", then a workflow will be run to send out a email.


My thinking is to create an input table which only have Name Column and Decision Column, Name Column only have A,B,C,D , four people's names, While Decision Column leaves blank waiting for 4 people to enter.

1. Currently, I'm create an APP, and input file looks like this:


2. Next is to creating first dropdown list to allow 4 people to select their names ,which like following:


3.Then SELECT change Decision Column data type to String and Second dropdown list is created like following:

3.jpgSo this is the whole App and I click  run and select A and Approve:

4.jpgWhich gives me a error:


Any ideas how to solve this?







14 - Magnetar

Hi @khu,


Curious to see how your going to make this workflow work in general, but to to answer your question as to why you're getting an error...


I suspect that the Action tool that updates the Formula is the problem. The issue is how you have it configured to update the target Attribute. If what I suspect is correct, you have it set to update the entire expression with whatever the user select. This also replaces the QUOTES which captures your string value. At the bottom, there's an option to only replace a specific string. check that option that then remove the quotes so that it only replaces Approve instead of "Approve".



Hope this helps!



8 - Asteroid

Yeah, I included the quote , thx