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Core Certification Exam Practical Questions Dataset Downloads

7 - Meteor


I just flunked the core exam yesterday in the 50% average. I tried answering all the 1 point questions first and that didn’t work as I ran out of time.

My question is, How to download the practical questions? Am I supposed to click on each of the datasets then save them as a file in my computer then input the data? That seems like a lot of time given the stressful situation.

and if I grab from downloads how do I know which dataset is which?

What did work for me was my personal notes. The Help option did not as it is just too time consuming.





13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

hi @Frachiu 

You will need to use the data in Alteryx workflows to find the answers to the practical questions - so yes, the files must be saved to your laptop.

For the practical questions, for most computers, if you click download, the data automatically are saved in your Downloads folder. The dataset is specific to each question. As you attempt one question at a time and save data, the files can be sorted in  in download folder in chronological order.

Don't get disheartened. Actually taking the exam is part of the learning process - as you find out more 'known unknowns' and reduce 'unknown unknowns'

I have coached team members in Alteryx and some of them passed the core exams within 1-2 weeks - with no prior experience.

The common denominators for successfully passing the Core exam seems to include:

1) Read the Core exam guide, and make sure that you know every single tool listed there.

2) Completed all the interactive lessons that are marked as "CORE".

3) Do at least 20 weekly challenges. This is essential that you can apply (and hence solve practical application questions).

4) Some also find the recorded videos on Core Exam Prep (5 hours or so) helpful.


Good luck next try and happy learning.


8 - Asteroid

Unfortunately, downloading then inputting the downloaded dataset is part of taking the exam.  I would get familiar with the path to where your downloaded files go to.  Maybe even have an input statement already linking to the path itself to save you precious seconds?


Also, don't be discouraged!  I failed it on my first attempt as well but it ended up being good for me because I learned so much more about the categories that I was weakest in! 


One pro-tip that someone gave me was clicking on the "Open Example" link for tools that I wasn't too familiar with.  Just click on a tool like Regex and click Open Example, then Run the example workflow to see what the tool can do. 




It is also helpful to have the following link for Date Time Formats:


You got this!



7 - Meteor

Thanks, it’s the Core certification 

7 - Meteor

I was looking for this during the exam, I thought I’d remember but obviously not.

5 - Atom

Sir can you please help me to pass alteryx designer core test

7 - Meteor

The core test is easiest completed by taking and passing the four micro-credential tests instead of just taking the core exam. I suggest downloading all of the study guides, completing all of the Weekly challenges they suggest, as they give you a foundational knowledge on the practical side of things. Keep all of the examples of the tools you are testing on open so you can see exactly what they do. I used this process to pass the four micro-credentials and that automatically passed my core certification. Hope this helps.