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Configuration for enabling and disabling containers from interface condition

8 - Asteroid

Having the most difficult time understanding what the configuration for a set of interface tools that will, if the condition is selected enable a container to filter the data stream and if it is not selected will enable a container that allows for the full data to flow through.


Formulas used for the condition have been:

 - [#1]

 - ToNumber([#1]) = 1

 - IF [#1] THEN 'False' ELSE 'True' ENDIF


With both switching the action tools between Enabled and Disabled and swapping out the connection between both containers.


I am at a loss. 






15 - Aurora

Glad I could help.


One final suggestion.  Use "commas" for this parameter prompt:

  Enter Cost Center(s) (separated by comas)


8 - Asteroid

Hi @ChrisTX, you certainly did and thank you!!