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Changing the Order of Output Sheets on Excel Output

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I have several workflows with multiple outputs, which I have generating on an Excel document.  However, I haven't found a rhyme or reasoning to the order of the sheets on my output document.  Does anyone know of a way to control the output?  In other words, a way to set my first output to the first tab in Excel, second output to the last tab in Excel, etc.  Please let me know if this is something we can control in Alteryx.  Thanks!


Hi @mpollock 


In Designer the output for the Excel sheets will be in alphabetical/numerical order. If you would like to amend this, the best way would be to add a numerical or alphabetical prefix to the field names to reflect the order you would like them to be output in. 




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Hi Will, thanks for the reply!  Are you saying they are in order based on the sheet name or actual data on the sheets?  If it is by sheet name, I do not think the Designer is doing that.  Attached is the order of my sheets for a workflow I have.  Thanks!  - Mike

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One method I've used successfully to control the sheet order is to use a "Block Until Done" tool. That way, the sheets get added on in the order you want them (sample workflow attached).


If you have more than three sheets, you can just chain as many "Block Until Done" tools as you need.



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Thanks for the reply Meteor!  Only issue I see in the sample you sent is that each stream is coming from one input, not multiple like I have.  In one workflow, I have 5 outputs from 2 inputs, while my other, I have 2 outputs from 8 input documents.  The example I see below has 1 input generating all 3 outputs.  If you have any other suggestions for my specific ask, please let me know.  Thanks!

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I see. One way to fix that would be to create a workbook with the sheets already created and in the order you want them, and then just have the multiple workflows overwrite the existing sheets. That will maintain the order regardless of which sheets get overwritten first.

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Can you help me with any link or reference which will help me write the output to pre-saved template instead of creating output file.

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You could create a template and just output to a specific range in Excel. 


Here is a post that explains how to output to a range: https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Alteryx-Designer-Discussions/Output-to-a-specific-range-in-Excel/td...

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Not quite true - I DO have a master excel sheet with the tabs created in the order I want - and the last tab written is placed into the middle of the other tabs.

In total I have 22 tabs / worksheets in my excel sheet in the order I want them


In my case I am inputting 1 excel file with 22 tabs, modifying quantity in those 22 tabs, then writing out for the same order.


On my outputs I do insert a BLOCK UNTIL DONE process



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The flow if we use the below pattern, we can define the tab when where we can keep the tab, based on your priorities. Adding the workfow sample.

Change the output path and run







If you have more than 3 keep 3rd out put to input as 2nd until block. As below: