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Cache Dataset - Input Tool

10 - Fireball

Perhaps it's just me (hopefully), but it appears that the cache data option has been removed from the Input tool in the most recent Designer (2018.3).


I know I can right-click and use the new Cache and Run data option, but that sucks if you have multiple data pulls. 


Can we get that option back please?

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

@jeff_reynolds  It's not just you. You should post this over in the ideas section. I completely agree with your sentiment. I see a couple of key cons to the new cache input option: 1) if you were to add a tool after the input tool and cache it, it would not use the cached input; it would instead re-run the query. I have posted an idea here that would address this. 2) as you pointed out as well, I have some workflows with 10+ inputs where I've checked the cache option. Previously, my first run would take a while but then every run after that would use cached inputs and allow for easier development. Now, it appears that I would have to go through and click cache and run my workflow for every tool every time. I have posted an idea here that may address this.



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It was really helpful and especially in combination with the new caching it would be helpful.

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I feel the same. I thought the new version would be much easier to cache and run from any point. However, removing the cache function on input node is a big mistake. I have to right click cache and run then have to stop the work flow and start over on the next node. Not fun.

Thank you for sharing. I did vote on @patrick_digan's idea submission. Thank you very much.

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I agree here.  Why would the new Cache and Run necessitate removing the Cache Data option on the Input Tool.  I like the new Cache and Run concept, but it is a bit limited.  Often times, my workflow has a dozen or more data sources.  They also regularly have multiple branches and the Cache and Run only supports a single cache point.  I get that caching too much data can cause performance issues, but wouldn't that decision be better left to the analyst?

7 - Meteor

I'm glad I wasn't going crazy....just spend about 30 min looking for the checkbox. I didn't realize it had been removed.  Can we get this back please!!!!!!!

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are Workflows that were built using this tool still working after you update Alteryx?