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Assigning a value based on the Time

11 - Bolide

Hi Alteryx Community,


I have question that I hope maybe someone can shed some light on. Basically I'm wondering is it possible to assign a value to column based on the time so for example if I run the workflow at 14:00 then the value Deadline 1 is assigned and so on for other deadlines. 


I'm not too sure what way to really go about doing this but any insights, advice or examples is much appreciated.


Many thanks to everyone in advance for taking the time to respond. 



13 - Pulsar

hey @Deano478 

Would something like this work for your use case? 


The date time now input would take the time of the day when the workflow is run, and then assign a deadline based on that time. I would recommend considering using a time range +/- a few minutes in order to give a buffer for when each deadline is assigned.


Hope this helps!



Another option is to use DateTimeStart, which points to the exact time the workflow was run. :)

11 - Bolide

@gautiergodard @MichelleMitchellLutz Thank you both for you rapid response I had a look at both approaches and they both are very similar ans super helpful a huge thanks to you both for the assistance :)