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Advanced Certification - Spatial Question

6 - Meteoroid

Hey everyone - I'm preparing for the advanced certification exam and noticed that the preparation guide found here has a spatial question on page 18 that I am finding quite difficult to solve.


The answer provided on page 21 says that we should get C) 39 matches and has an embedded image of a workflow, but I have tried to replicate it and cannot get the same result.


Does anyone have a copy of this solution workflow that they could share, or are they able to solve the question and get an answer of 39?


I've attached the first way I tried to solve it using an iterative macro (this seemed logical at the time) and then by replicating the workflow in the solution. As you can see, neither gets it exactly right.





17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @JoeT ,


I took your last package file and corrected the final part of it.

Take a look 🙂



Fernando Vizcaino

6 - Meteoroid

Brilliant! Thank you Fernando.

9 - Comet

Much faster solution of this task with using batch macro.

Maybe it will help someone to learn this type of macros.

I keep my fingers for everyone who prepares for the exam.