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Getting Granular w/ Source Input data: Incorporate column data w/in database input info

8 - Asteroid

19.1 here...


Has there been any work on being able to incorporate column data into the workflow metadata? Either in lineage or the workflow Database input section(under Data Connections)?

Currently, the database Input data completes at the Table name (Server>Database>Schema>Table). And by clicking on the linked table it brings you to that table entry(w/ all the fields)... If you parse out the workflow XML, it does contain that extra level of detail of Column Name in the Database Input. Connect seems to treat all database inputs for workflows as a "Select *" connection(just showing all the columns). Is there anything available to pull out/highlight this level of detail if available? So if a workflow is connecting to a database and only pulling in 3 fields(instead of all 50), somehow/somewhere show those three fields as part of that connection data/lineage data.




Hi @No-Sass ,


up until 2019.4 everything has been treated on the "table level".

In 2019.4 we have begun to incorporate the "column level" lineage as well. So far we are listing relations for Tableau reports and we want to follow this direction for other assets. 

Vojta T., PM for Data Connectors & Connect
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