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Definition Clarification in Alteryx Connect

Alteryx Partner

Can someone help clarify the definition and the uniqueness of the terms in Alteryx Connect below?

  • Dashboard
  • Project
  • Workbook
  • Report
  • Report Worksheet
  • Application



@Aum Thank you for your question regarding these definitions. For clarity can you provide some context around the usage of these words that you want clarified.  Typically I would define each term as follows:


  • Dashboard - Typically refers to a visual representation of data, or a visualization product such as Tableau, Qlik, etc...
  • Project - A collection of work or planned undertakings to achieve a set goal(s). 
  • Workbook - A single file or document containing multiple spreadsheets
  • Report - A document or account usually providing detailed information/data on a specific subject or event. Could also contain information on a series of related subjects/events
  • Report Worksheet - A spreadsheet, data table, or notes contained within and pertaining to a report.
  • Application - A program or function that performs a particular task or tasks.

If you are referring to these terms in relation to folder entities in Connect most of these entity types are intended for internal use. As such you really should stick with creating folders using entity types of Folder or Wiki.