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Comments with a long URL don't wrap properly and can't be edited

8 - Asteroid

One of our users had this problem today where he pasted a URL in a comment. This meant Alteryx Connect hasn't wrapped properly (a bug) and he can't now edit to remove the URL or change the format of the Link.


I tried changing the size of the window/increasing and decreasing the percentage size of the window in chrome, and nothing works. An export doesn't seem to show the comments either.


How can we fix this (and I have advised him to use a link with a name so it doesn't happen in the future)


URL in comment.JPG

8 - Asteroid

 We received information from Alteryx about this and it has been logged as a defect, however we also found a workaround that was an alternative to the suggested one from Support (connect to H2 database and update COMMENT_TEXT field in KOMMENT table).  One of our team ended up finding a more convenient workaround using the F12 Developer Console in Chrome. He found the offending link and edited the text between the <a> tags to something much shorter that would display. After this was done, he could easily reach the edit button to change the contents of the comment. He could also get access to this edit menu by inserting a ‘word-break: break-all;’ style rule on the tag.


Just thought I would share this in case others are having the same issue.


Hi @JoTP ,


this issue has been resolved and will be part of 2019.4 release.

Thank you for the feedback.

Vojta T., PM for Data Connectors & Connect
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