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Automating the export and import parts of bulk load

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@MattH gave us this great KB write-up but can more be done to automate the export and import steps?


Have I overlooked something in the API that would enable the import of term description and owner attributes?


The path forward looks like I should use python+selenium to automate clicks on the web pages.

Is anyone doing anything like this? Or have other suggestions?


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Is this an alternative?

I can embed an image into my glossary term description. the source code ends up looking like this:


<img src="file/9457d1a6-0e08-4f7c-94ae-6c9aabe089db">


If I knew what directory the file referred to I may be able to replace it using an Alteryx workflow.


What is the path image files are stored for glossary term description attributes?

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sigh! swapping image files isn't going to work. I tracked the image down into a blob in column ATTACHMENT.attachment_body but have no idea what to do with it and would be scared to change it without and API or something. 


So no plan B and back to plan A