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What are the benefits of enabling Single-Sign-On (SSO) for Auto Insights?



SSO can benefit an organization in multiple ways: 

  • Security 
    • Eliminate the added risk of extra passwords needing to be created and managed
      • Whether that is through a password manager or a post it note, removing this risk, removes an additional point of vulnerability
  • Streamline manual effort 
    • Allows an organization to scale quickly
    • Instead of having to manually create/invite each user profile and/or have to review and approve each request, Org Admins can set up their Auto Insights organization to be Open or Moderated access and set their recognized domains so that anyone with a valid domain within your IDP provider can access.   
      • Additionally manual actions include risks from errors and mistyping in setting up user profiles and information
  • User experience 
    • SSO provides a seamless experience for existing and new users to be able to access the application with a single click and not have to manage another set of credentials. 
    • Additionally no need to have to reset your password frequently 


In order to set up SSO for Auto Insights, you need to ensure that your identity provider supports SAML 2.0. For more information and step by step instructions, view our SSO guide

David Kim
Customer Success Manager

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