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How can I change the name of a field?



You can change the name of a field in either the admin portal or change it in the source data. Source data being either in the Designer workflow, CSV or the database connection query.


To change the name of a field via Admin Portal, you will go to the specific dataset and click ‘Edit Dataset’  




From there you can click through the flow to get to the ‘Confirm Fields’ section where all the fields will be listed and you can rename any field. (hint: you may see underscores ‘_’ in your column names in this window but these underscores turn into normal spaces ‘ ‘ once in Auto Insights).  


To change it in your source data, update either the CSV, workflow config or the database connection query/database column to your desired name and re-load. Keep in mind, depending on the change of the field, it may impact the dataset settings. Take a look at this discussion to understand what changes will impact your dataset settings.  

David Kim
Customer Success Manager

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