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Starting to Learn Alteryx

5 - Atom

Hi Everyone, just wanted to post on here because I am enrolled in a course that is now using Alteryx Designer to Transform Data and it is such a great learning experience. Previously we were working on Python and UI Path, and now Alteryx is a super cool combination of the two. In all I am really enjoying learning about all of these data tools and can't wait to utilize these discussion boards more to bring up any questions I have or to just engage with the community.

21 - Polaris

Hi @Nanderson1911 


Nice to meet you 🙂.


We have a bunch of enthusiastic folks among us on this Community and would be delighted to collaborate and learn from each other. Feel free to post a question you need any info, help or guidance.


Here are some resources to start of with.



Happy to help 🙂


Cheers and happy analyzing 😀