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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
At Alteryx, community is a team effort. At any given time there are a number of individuals and teams working to ensure that everyone has a great experience. Below are just a few of the more visible individuals that you may encounter.

Feel free to drop them a line with any comments, questions, or ideas you may have. They're always happy to help!


Manager, Community Operations and Analytics
As Manager of Community Operations, Dan uses his prior experience in Alteryx Support as well as his creative abilities to assist members and create a unique Community experience.
Global Program Manager, User Groups
After almost two years as the Community Manager for Brazil and LATAM - overseeing the Portuguese and Spanish speakers communities, Flávia transitioned as the Global Program Manager for the User Group Program. Combining her large experience in editorial and social communications, to social media management and a friendly approach to every challenge, she believes that creating and maintaining health and strong relationships is the key for success!

Program Manager, Community Platform
As one of the Community Specialists, Kylie spending the majority of her days in the Idea Board for the Alteryx Products, making sure each board is in tip-top shape. She's been with Alteryx since 2018, and is excited to help Community and the Alteryx products grow!
Associate Content Engineer
As an Associate Content Engineer, Matt is eager to connect with and enable the Community through content creation, moderation, and operational support. Matt graduated from Washington State University with an undergraduate degree in marketing and management of information systems and is currently persuing his MBA. He is excited to put his skills to good use and make the community a better place for all!

Community Operations Program Manager
Driven by a passion to create meaningful connections, Leandra’s role as Operations Program Manager allows her to work behind the scenes to do just that. A self-proclaimed community builder and enthusiast, you’ll find her managing day-to-day community operations, ensuring the community is in tip-top shape, and drinking coffee. Lots of coffee
Associate Community Manager
As an Associate Community Manager, Nitasha uses her skills and love for building and maintaining relationships in real life and translates that into an online experience where she now gets to interact with users in the Alteryx Community. Helping engage, support, and provide a seamless and fun experience for Community users brings Nitasha great joy!

Community Developer
As Community Developer, Kirk provides various software customizations including feature enhancements, integrations and bug fixes for the Alteryx Community. He brings a technical background to the team that includes both hardware and software engineering experience in a variety of industries.
Program Manager User Group & German
As Program Manager User Group, Steph is entirely dedicated to connecting passionate users and looks forward to managing grow the Alteryx User Group Program in EMEA and APAC. She ensures development and enhancement of the Program through engagement, empowerment, and mobilization of Alteryx Users. She is responsible for implementing strategies and managing day-to-day operations to execute successful events. Want to meet your peers in organizing an event in region? Contact her anytime!

Sr. Multimedia Producer
As the team’s Sr. Multimedia Producer, Mike is a jack of all trades in visual storytelling - using animation, audio engineering, video editing, and design. He’s been with Alteryx since 2018 and has loved watching the community grow and thrive!

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11 - Bolide

Congrats on passing 10,000 posts in the community!

20 - Arcturus
20 - Arcturus

Where has this post been hiding!


I'm watching a workflow run and catching up on community and watched all of the 30 second confessions.  What fun!  Ladies like a wizard and fellows like a jedi.  Coffee and love are the go to items and that join tool seems to be the runaway favorite.  Thanks so much for keeping me company.




Alteryx ACE & Top Community Contributor

Chaos reigns within. Repent, reflect and restart. Order shall return.
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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

LOL my mustache... that is soo gone (at least until next Movember!). 

Chris Shernaman
Community Manager
5 - Atom

Hello All- I’m a executive assistant to MD and D’s. I am here to learn Alteryx to boost my career growth. Since I’m new to this. I would also like to know from where I can start.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Welcome to the Alteryx Community @RD_1176!


I would recommend getting started with our Alteryx Academy Learning Paths and our Weekly Challenges to get experience and practice which will help you in your role! Also do not hesitate to post questions in the boards so others can help you in the Community.

Shannon Emery, she/her
7 - Meteor

Congratulations awesome team. Just new here and I am eager/willing to learn more.

5 - Atom

New here excited to learn more on alteryx