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Challenge #95: Draw 1000 Apples in Under 60 Seconds

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Still in the Andamans - and although I couldn't find a good apple picture, there are a lot of mangrove trees if that counts?   You can see where the Tsunami damaged a wide path in the mangroves; with younger trees that have been planted to help recovery.




Very interesting challenge - used several tools that don't get much exercise in my installation of Alteryx!



Most folk seem to have used the same approach to get to the heatmap (JSON parse into the predictive heatmap tool)

Some variety in how folks have done the apple pictures:

  • @patrick_digan used the summarize tool for the report type - nicely done, I'd never seen that done before, but should have been obvious!
  • @PhilipMannering, @LordNeilLord, @paul_houghton; and @JoeM used the layout tool to do the grouping
  • @LilianH; @estherb47; and @NicoleJohnsondid individual maps and then used a create columns tool
  • In a continuing theme – I went the long way round, and used an offset function to change the X and Y coordinates to allow all the shapes to be drawn in one go – but then spent ages trying to align this.

    By offsetting the X & Y Coords, it creates a simple grid using a single mapBy offsetting the X & Y Coords, it creates a simple grid using a single mapThe output!The output!


10 - Fireball

Pretty fun! 

15 - Aurora

I'm loving these comparison write ups @SeanAdams, it must be alot of work for you...but you seem to have nothing else to do

12 - Quasar

Solution attached.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Challenge Completed

14 - Magnetar

Here's my solution.


12 - Quasar
Challenge #95.PNG
17 - Castor
17 - Castor

This was seriously my toughest challenge yet!


I started of with the json parse tool, but then thought it would take me forever to figure out which X goes with which Y, so I decided to dive into the data myself armed with my trusty formula and text to columns/rows tools. From then on it was plain sailing until I had to figure out how to draw the apples on the same page (and not on top of each other!!!!) Looking back at my workflow now, I struggle to understand how so much pain can fit into so few tools!!!!!!! I really hate you Report Map Tool and layout Tool!!!! We used to be friends, but not any more...


challenge 95.png

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Sorry, forgot to attache my workflow

11 - Bolide

Cheers! That was a fun one!