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Challenge #168: Dice Game - Born to Solve

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

With another Alteryx Inspire behind us, we wanted to share a workflow from a session in the Community Track: 'Born to Solve - Think Like an Alteryx Champion'


In this session, @patrick_digan presented a analytical challenge to @estherb47  sight-unseen!  The intent of the session was to show more than solving a problem, but show attendees how some of the top challenge leaders approach and think about problems. Would you like to try it yourself? See below!





Suppose you have 3 ordinary dice (6 sides with the numbers 1-6). You roll all 3 dice and compute the score like so: Multiply the largest number by the second largest number. Then add the remaining number. Given this unique method of scoring, which is the most likely score?

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

I was SO sad to miss this session with Weekly Challenge powerhouses @patrick_digan and @estherb47 ... Esther, I heard you did an excellent job, and it was super cool to see someone "think out loud" about how to tackle a challenge! 



So happy to have a Weekly Challenge to start off my post-Inspire Monday... I'm suffering severe withdrawals already :)




16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula
Finished my first workflow using 2019.2!

Thanks all for a fun session at Inspire! I sort of did the "cheating" way and took advantage of the fact that there are only three dice, so I used the Summarize tool to get the max, min, and median for each roll. If there were more than 3 dice, this wouldn't have worked.

11 - Bolide

Must have been a brilliant session, and there is many ways to solve challenges in Alteryx, so here is mine.


It works, but is not very dynamic, and extended challenge would have been to do this with n numbers of dices...

I'll did it all in the Formula toolI'll did it all in the Formula tool

Still Climbing






15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Cheating slightly on completing so quickly, as I already did the solve :)

So, included two more approaches, including one to make it completely dynamic and work 3 or more dice. Take a look, and please check out the challenge deck in the Inspire Buzz.

Taking the stage with @patrick_digan and @JoeM was such a treat!!

8 - Asteroid

All this talk about working with more dice made me wanna try solving for that too


Works for 3+ dice
Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 11.04.21 AM.png
12 - Quasar

is being at the session considered cheating? That said, I would have approached it the same way as @estherb47 did at Inspire.


Well done to @JoeM@estherb47 and @patrick_digan as well. Great session.


challenge 168 NGA.PNG


8 - Asteroid

My Solution..  It was fun watching this at Inspire and seeing how someone else thinks through the process.


Just glad I didn't have to blow up the big Dice before I could solve it..  That looked hard!


8 - Asteroid

Some wise people once said to always visualize your data, so I listen. Interesting that a score of 36 is not possible, someone more mathematician can probably explain. I wanted to use this in some fancy long run Monte Carlo simulation but maybe when we go to 5 dice.


16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

My solution - I decided to use a very simple approach