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Challenge #164: Retail Therapy

12 - Quasar


My solution is above. I did have the same problem with Clothing ID 1119 that others are describing.

9 - Comet

5 months since the last beginner challenge!


13 - Pulsar

I was a bit overconfident on this one! I thought this one would be quick and easy, but ran into some issues (in the first spoiler)...


1) Each record in the dataset appears to be an individual review, and some records where the review text has positive sentiment have [Positive Feedback Count] = 0. So, I'm not sure what the [Positive Feedback Count] indicates. Maybe the number of positive feedback instances for the user? In any case, the solution expects the raw [Positive Feedback Count] for each record to be >= 10.

2) The solution includes item #1119 in the Jackets department and Jackets class. My solution includes it in the Outerwear class. Although there are two records that include #1119 in the Jackets class, they would be filtered out due to [Positive Feedback Count] < 10. The instructions didn't indicate using the first class alphabetically, so I'm assuming it's just a small discrepancy in the example data.

My solution:


11 - Bolide

Hi! Here my solution :)

8 - Asteroid

My solution:

challenge 164.jpg
5 - Atom

Good Learning Experience!

11 - Bolide

Oh boy - this challenge is really splitting people - my self included!


I was quick to jump the wagon, that the provided result was "wrong", especially after I could not get it to match and the saw, that my initial solution was pretty much identical to the other provided answers.


But two many wrongs does not make it right  - Albeit, English is not my native langues, I began to wonder, do I really understand what is requested?


I thought I was, but then I ended up having the issue with Clothing ID 1119 as so many others.


So all though I read the task as "find clothes with at least 10 positive feedback reviews AND the five highest rated clothing from these classes", then what it those two requirements is not hard coupled? Then I ended up with my second solution, and it matches the provided output.


My solutionsMy solutions

On my way to Lhotse Face







13 - Pulsar

Here is my solution!


Retail Therapy.PNG
8 - Asteroid

Seemed like an easy one but I guess my English was also not up to par so I ended up with the Jackets issue also.  Thanks @Verakso .


Found the Jackets issue quite quickly... the final solution... not so much. :(

14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar

Funny one, pretty straight forward :)