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14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar

Since we are about a month from the next Weekly Challenge badge, do we get to start speculating on the name?  I'm guessing it will be 'South Col'!

15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

I like "South Col". Or perhaps, more ominously, we enter the "death zone"

8 - Asteroid

I love using this list of challenges - thanks so much for providing them.


I am attaching my solutions to the individual challenges, plus commentary on them all - can I ask, should they all go towards a Challenge Badge? (I have completed 16 so far, but only have a Challenge badge for 1!)






16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Hi @JoeM ,


I think there is a problem as I didn't complete 208 challenges but 203 ! 





7 - Meteor

Deleted: posted in wrong forum. 

22 - Nova
22 - Nova

Hi @JoeM & @AYXAcademy 


Any update on when the 225 challenges completion badge will be issued ?

Its visible in the badges list but not issued to anyone

Any reason why its withhold


Cheers and Happy Analyzing : )🙂



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)


We took a look and we have a fix coming forward in the next 24 hours! 

22 - Nova
22 - Nova

@JoeM ,


Thanks a lot for looking into it.


Really exited to earn the new 225 challenges-final ascent badge : )

11 - Bolide

Any issues with your challenge tracking? @IloveAlt3ryx has been offline for a couple of weeks, which I assume you are using for tracking and awarding badges? 

15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Hi, does anyone else seem to not be able to run the tracker anymore? It seems to be breaking on the site download, where the download header includes a 500 internal server error:


and the filter wont find anything as the data input looks wrong:


any help on this would be greatly appreciated! This is on a fresh install of the challenge progress tracker v4.1