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Advanced Certification Prep - Part I

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Note: Starting at 18:40, the images for cutting 1st from 2nd, and cutting 2nd from 1st are switched.


Join us for Part 1 of our 6 Part series on preparing for the Advanced Certification Exam. 


Part I - Spatial Analytics in Alteryx

Part II - Building Macros

Part III - Building Apps

Part IV - Reporting/Publication

Part V - Advanced Prep/Parsing Concepts and Tools

Part VI - Recap and Exam Day Overview


Course Description: You have address information for your customers, suppliers or other contacts. Learn how to add a where component to your analysis. Find those nearest to you, those within a certain distance or driving time and more.


You’ll Learn How to:

  • Turn coordinates into points on a map
  • Find customers within a certain radius
  • ...and more!


8 - Asteroid

Awesome training for someone who just started with Spatial tools. Thank you!

5 - Atom

Is this still working? I tried to watch it and it says the Youtube video is private.

5 - Atom

Still working for me.

6 - Meteoroid

Solution to County Overlap

5 - Atom

This is really helpful to understand the basics of Spacial tools.

Thank you very much! 

8 - Asteroid

Re: Advanced Certification Prep - Part I