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Python 3.10 Upgrade FAQ


Python 3.10 Upgrade FAQ

Disclaimer: This document will be updated monthly as more information becomes available. 

"What is the Python Upgrade?"

This is a product initiative that will take Alteryx from using Python v3.8.16 in Designer and Server to v3.10.13. This is because Python is ending  support for v3.8 and Alteryx must follow suit to stay compliant with security measures. Security is paramount at Alteryx, and we must have Designer upgraded to Python 3.10 by the 2024.1 release (early May 2024).

"Who needs to know about the Python Upgrade?"

All customers who use Designer tools that rely on Python. This includes data connectors, partner-built SDK tools, custom built SDK tools, the Python tool, and Intelligence Suite tools.  

"How will the Python Upgrade affect customers/ users?"

Designer tools that rely on Python (including Connectors) must be upgraded to work with Python 3.10.13 or they will not work in Designer and Server 24.1.  For more information on the Connectors affected, please visit Alteryx Connectors and Tools for 24.1.

"What if I am currently using a Python SDK tool in a workflow?"

If you have a Python SDK tool being used in your workflow in a version prior to 24.1, that version of the SDK tool will not work with 24.1, and you will need to:

  • Install a new version of the SDK tool that is compatible with 24.1

  • Republish to Server

"Are there any Server-specific recommendations for upgrading to 24.1?"

 Given that users may want to test workflows with upgraded tools, Server customers who prefer to test new workflows in a single sandbox environment may want to create a separate sandbox environment for testing 24. 1.  This will allow for current testing of workflows before migrating to Prod to still work with existing tools and create a new space for testing new tools with 24.1. This is necessary in this setup since 24.1 Python-based connectors won't work with earlier versions and vice versa. If you would like to read more about how to configure or use a sandbox, please click here

"Will people using the custom tool I built be affected?"

Yes, users of your custom tool will need to download and install the newest version of your tool after you complete the Python Upgrade. You can post the newest version of your tool on Community Gallery or submit an update to Alteryx Marketplace, if applicable. 

"How will I know if I have Connectors that need to be upgraded to Python 3.10?"

The following error messages can appear if an incompatible version of a Connector is used in Designer: 

This tool uses Python version 3.8. Please install an updated tool YXI that uses Python 3.10 for Designer 24.1 and later.
Version 3.10 was not found in our alteryx distribution. Please select another version.

"What is the timeline for this upgrade?"

We will be upgrading Designer’s Python version 3.8.16 to 3.10.13 for the 2024.1 release in May 2024. Because of this, we’re requesting partners and customers upgrade their SDK tools to  Python 3.10.13 before they install Alteryx Designer 24.1.

"What resources are available to help me upgrade my tool to the latest version of Python?"

Step-by-step instructions on how to upgrade your tools to Python 3.10.13 can be found here.

Information on the available Alteryx Connectors and Tools can be found here.

"What if I have more questions?"

Please visit the Alteryx IO developer forum and post them there. This document will also be updated regularly as more materials are released.