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Designer Onboarding 1: Get to Know Alteryx



Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step towards achieving analytics excellence.





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The following easy-to-consume collection of short informational videos and relevant links to resources has been carefully curated to provide you with all the knowledge you need to kickstart your analytics automation adventure.




Welcome to Alteryx Onboarding






Your onboarding has been split into four sections -- covering the Alteryx Platform, the Community, building workflows, and wrapping up with links and information on all the key resources you’ll need to be successful. If you have used Alteryx before then feel free to skip ahead to section two. If at any point you have a question or need anything clarifying, please pop a question in the comment box at the bottom of the page and a member of the Alteryx Customer Success team will be happy to assist.




Here’s what will be covered in this section:


  • Alteryx Designer, an introduction 
  • How to install the product and get up and running   
  • The Platform interface and components that make up a workflow
  • Starting out with connecting to and reading in data
  • Viewing data within the Designer interface
  • Writing out the results of your process
  • Where to find more information


Module 1 estimated time for completion: 35 minutes




 What is Alteryx Designer?






Check inside the Spoiler container for instructions on installing Alteryx or skip ahead if you're already up-and-running.


Designer Installation


Please note that this process may be different for you and your organization, depending on your IT policy. Please check internally and follow your organisation’s guidance – it may be the case that you download Alteryx from your software center and follow a different licensing process.





Here’s a written guide to help you download and install Alteryx: Downloading and Installing Alteryx.


Most people will activate their license key using the straightforward online method that you will be guided through when you open the Alteryx Designer for the first time. If you have particular IT restrictions this method may not be possible - check here for an alternative.



Now that you’re up and running, let @Debbie_N  talk you through the interface, the components that make up a workflow and how to start reading data:




Overview of the Interface 





Components of a Workflow





How to Connect to Data






The Input Data Tool is your typical starting point. As you’ve seen, this multi-functional connector will allow you to read in data from all sorts of locations – from flat files such as a simple .csv, to big complex data warehouses. If you’re interested in the detail, all of our out-of-the-box supported Data Sources and connection instructions are detailed here in our Help Docs.


Once you have connected your dataset to your Alteryx workflow, you will be able to start analyzing and manipulating. The remaining two short videos in this first section will show you two other key functionalities:




How to View Data






How to Output Data






As with all standard Alteryx tools, you can read about their functionalities and settings in the Help pages – here are the details on the Output Data tool if you wanted to dive deeper. Through time, you’ll become more familiar with the Alteryx Platform, and you’ll start to learn about more advanced options for outputting the results of your workflow. You will discover heaps of resources within our Help pages and right here, in Community – you will learn more about that in the next section.





Hopefully you are now comfortable with the Platform and the basic concepts within Alteryx Designer. From this section, your key takeaways should be:




Now that you’ve completed this section, Debbie recommends checking out the following interactive lessons in the Alteryx Academy. These will introduce you to more of the basic concepts and the most key tools you’ll need to kickstart your journey:



If you have any questions, please use the comment box below.



Onboarding Action - Button.pngACTION: In order to complete module 1 of your onboarding, please click here and watch the Interactive Lesson on 'Inputting Data into Your Workflow' 






Once you have completed the Interactive Lessons, please continue on your onboarding path to the next short section where @zach_alexander  and @elainebusby will walk you through the award-winning Alteryx Community.





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