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Alteryx Using Alteryx: Cleansing data from

Name: Dan LaVigne
Title: Account Executive
Company: Alteryx
Overview of Use Case
As part of the Enterprise Sales team at Alteryx, Dan Lavigne is constantly building reports and managing huge volumes of data from Salesforce (SFDC). This use case is about how he used Alteryx Designer to clean data coming from SFDC and how he blended that with an account list to easily identify and prioritize leads. “I also use Alteryx to clean license reports and usage reports that I can share with customers, and other activities that I would typically do in Excel,” Dan said.
Describe the business challenge or problem you needed to solve

"SFDC is a great tool, but it has a lot of dirty data,” he explained. Dan used to spend hours trying to identify leads that were assigned to him. Often, multiple accounts had been created for the same client, but with different names. Dan wanted to find a faster and better way to get the information he needed in the format he wanted.

Describe your working solution
Dan built a workflow on Alteryx Designer to clean and blend data from SFDC and Excel. He wanted to make regular processes completely repeatable, and he wanted to be able to share them with other sales reps.
Dan used a Salesforce Input tool to pull the data that contains the account details and then cleaned and organized it with the Preparation tools.1.JPG

 He then copied the output of step 1 and pasted it on a Text Input tool to make manual changes to the account names. Meanwhile, he selected fields that he wanted to keep from the Salesforce Input tool and grouped them. Dan used a Find and Replace tool to identify leads that contained simple account names and that matched the leads in SFDC. He filtered out unwanted matches and attributed the accurate account names to the flagged accounts. Finally, he filtered the results to easily identify the leads that had not been converted. These leads had consistent account names and no duplicates




Describe the benefits you have achieved
This workflow saved Dan a couple of hours and is now used across the Enterprise team. “I can easily see all my leads, where they came from, if they opt out of an e-mail, what campaign they responded to, and if there is any lead mapped to me that should not be,” Dan said. 
“It saved me and other sales reps time that can be used to sell more Alteryx! It also is great to be able to tell my customers that I'm not only their sales rep, but I'm an Alteryx user as well,” he concluded.  
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