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Submitting to Gallery Best Practices

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Once you click Submit to Gallery on the Gallery home page, you’re presented with a page of text boxes and drop downs. Here we’ll go through best practices to ensure people can easily find your Gallery submission.



Make it short and to the point. If it’s too long it may get cut off.


File Types

It is important that you select the right File Type so that when users are filtering by file type looking for a certain type of content they’re able to find what they’re looking for. If you’re unsure which file type you’re trying to share, read on…



Workflows files end with the yxmd extension. Workflows are the most fundamental output of Alteryx Designer. Learn more about workflows here. CAUTION: Workflows do not contain data or embedded macros so may not run properly on someone else’s computer. Consider exporting your workflow as a Package and uploading the package instead.



A packaged workflow ends with the yxzp file extension. A .yxzp file is a workflow package that includes an Alteryx workflow (in other words, .yxmd, .yxmc, or .yxwz) and all its dependencies zipped into a single file. Learn how to export a workflow here (TLDR: in Alteryx Designer select Options > Export Workflow).



Alteryx analytic app files end with the yxwz extension. Apps are workflows with a user interface on top so that users of your workflow can run it and change parameters without having to see its guts. A must if you have Alteryx Server! Learn about apps here.



Alteryx macro files end with the yxmc extension. Macros are workflows turned into standalone tools! Learn about macros here.



Alteryx tool files end with the yxi extension. You can double click on a YXI file and it will be automatically installed into Alteryx Designer and appear in the tool palette. YXIs are generally created by developers leveraging the Platform SDK.


Learn even more about Alteryx file types here.



Here’s where you can go crazy. Write a blog. Write a tutorial on how to use your upload. Insert a how-to video. Links and screenshots are welcome. Anything you put in here will help with SEO.



Add a short summary to draw the attention of the casual window shopper.


Supporting Files

This is it! Finally, your chance to upload your workflow/package/app/macro/tool.



Check this box to be notified when someone comments on your post.


Cover photo

Upload an image for your Gallery item. It should be a 2x1 aspect ratio (width X height). 400 pixels wide and 200 pixels tall will do nicely.



Still have questions? Post them in the comments below.