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Q&A: Where Do I Post My Questions?

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team



Where do I post my questions?




Our end to end platform allows you to accomplish so many things that having all of it in one place would make it difficult for our users to find their answers and post their questions. We have the platform broken out by the pieces of the platform that users may have individually: Designer, Server, Connect, and Promote. Each of these areas of the platform have a specific focus and each of these areas can be purchased individually.



Designer DiscussionsRepeatable workflows for self-service data analytics.


Designer Discussions is the forum to ask questions regarding anything Alteryx Designer. From Data Prep and Blending to Predictive Analytics.


How To Post


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Server DiscussionsDeploy and share analytics on a scalable platform.


Server Discussions consist of topics from setting up your Alteryx Server to creating and managing scheduled workflows.


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Connect DiscussionsCollaborative data exploration platform for analytics


Connect Discussions can consist of setting up Alteryx Connect to understanding how to share workflows and data.


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Promote DiscussionsData science model production system

Alteryx Promote helps analytic teams deploy more predictive models faster by eliminating the need to recode models for real-time application consumption. Questions in the Promote Discussions can be from deploying models, monitoring, and troubleshooting.

5 - Atom

Is it possible to extract the file url's for the contents of a google drive folder and output the results?

5 - Atom

Can anyone please provide links or help on how I can convert a tableau dashboard to an alteryx flow, Thanks

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Hi @florambata,


There isn't an easy way to convert the logic inside a Tableau dashboard into an Alteryx workflow. Replicating the logic in Alteryx will necessitate an understanding of Tableau formulas/processes and working step by step to replicate it in Alteryx.


If you want to take the output data from a Tableau dashboard and load it into Alteryx, it's my understanding that you can do so with the hyper API.