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Student License

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So a bit of background information;  A week ago, I just got into Co-op (university supported On-the-Job-Training program) and my supervisor gave me a task that requires the use of Alteryx, I tried getting a student license but my school ID is not enough for the system. I couldn't provide a letter of enrollment because the financial services of my university have yet to process my debt repayment plan, which means that I had a financial block that prevented me from officially enrolling in my Co-op university course. I have spent a large time of last week trying to expedite the process and on Friday, my financial block was lifted and I was officially enrolled. However, whenever I try to reapply for a student license, the system sends me a verification link which leads to 404 not found error. Has anyone heard of such a problem? and is there a solution to this? 



Hi @newtonia! Thanks so much for checking in and your patience.  In order to look into this, we'll need to have you provide a bit more information to our team via email. Please email sparked@alteryx.com and include your first/last name, the official name of the university, and a screenshot of the issue so we can get it resolved asap.

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