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Recording - Data Analytics Careers: Navigating Job Success in Today's Market

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)



Check-out the recording below of Jamie Lewis, Director of the Early in Career Division at Alteryx, as she explores job etiquette, effective networking, making the most of a new role, and maximizing connections. She also covers job seeker success and standing out in applications. I then dive into an overview of SparkED, learning resources, and our newest employability initiatives: Alteryx Mentor Connect and the Alteryx Talent Alliance



Whether you've landed a new entry-level role, are making a career change, or starting an internship this summer, learn best practices for:

  • Understanding company norms and navigating your new workplace
  • Maximizing success during your first 90 days
  • Building relationships and understanding social capital  

For those still seeking opportunities, discover:

  •  Career search best practices
  • Use of technology like AI or job boards to optimize your job search process
  • How to build future-proof skills to help you standout in a competitive job market

Additionally, find out how to maximize downtime to build experience, dedicate time to personal projects that support long-term goals, and utilize skills in roles that may not align with your career plans but offer valuable experience. 


Lastly, we’ll also review Alteryx Mentor Connect, a network of mentors from the Maveryx community providing one-to-one subject matter expertise and guidance to learners through the Alteryx SparkED education program.


Attached to this thread is the PowerPoint deck we presented.