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Does Alteryx support the Military Community?

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Through our SparkED Education program, we're able to engage and assist our military/veteran community. The program helps military service members (past and transitioning) and military spouses with free access to Alteryx, a powerful analytics automation platform that is widely used in the business world.


Through the SparkED offering, this community will learn how to use Alteryx to solve real-world business problems and gain valuable skills that are highly sought after by employers. They also have access to our Alteryx Community, home to thousands of data analytics experts, user groups, a job board, and other helpful resources. When they complete the training, they'll be able to show visible proof of their skills mastery through credentials that can range from Micro to Advanced.


Applicants applying to the program have two options, the DoD SkillBridge Track and the Independent Learner Track.


If applying for the DoD SkillBridge track, they will receive access to an Alteryx Designer License for 180-days. This track is for transitioning service members that have been approved to participate in DoD SkillBridge by their military service command.


If applying for the Independent Learner track, they will receive access to an Alteryx Designer License for 90-days. This track is for veterans, military spouses, and active-duty service members that do NOT qualify/approved for DoD SkillBridge.


There is no fee to participate in the SparkED for Military initiative, nor is there a fee for customers to connect or hire SparkED for Military participants. This creates a win-win situation for all parties involved. All veterans, military spouses, reservists, and national guard can apply for the Independent Learner track regardless of when they transitioned out of the military.


DoD SkillBridge Track: SparkED + DOD Skillbridge: Equipping you for a Career in Analytics (alteryx.com)

Independent Learner Track: SparkED for Independent Learners (alteryx.com)


Why Data Analytics?


Many veterans turn away when they hear “Data” but this market has multiple opportunities in different areas!


Data Analytics is an industry with 3M unfilled positions, globally. Positions include sales, marketing, technical, human resources, healthcare, supply chain, finance, etc. A lot of opportunity in a rapid growing field for those that possess an analytics mindset and are certified.


Please feel free to share this information with any transitioning service member, Veteran, or Military Spouse.  


If you have any questions, please reach out:


Jay Garcia


SparkED Education Program Manager

Military Affairs




Jay Garcia
Sr. Education Program Manager – US West & LATAM | SparkED
Head of SparkED for Military & Veterans Program
California, USA | M: +1 916.212.5017 | jay.garcia@alteryx.com