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Analytic Skills Assessment: Another Tool in Your Analytics Journey


Are you looking to evaluate your data knowledge and skills more broadly? Then we have the instrument for you!


ASA screenshot.png

As a member of the Maveryx Community, you have access to the Analytics Skills Assessment for free! This short diagnostic allows you to be assessed in the areas of analytics that are most important to you. Pick up to four categories of analysis and take the adaptive quiz to see where your analytics strengths and opportunities for growth lie. At the end, you’ll be provided a report with learning resources to help you upskill, and should you take it again in the future, you’ll have access to all of your historical reports and scores.


Should I do this instead of following the interactive lessons and learning paths?


If you are pursuing your Core or Advanced certification, keep up the great work! Keep working through those lessons and learning paths to earn your Alteryx Designer credentials! This tool is simply another resource to help you grow your data capabilities. Unlike the learning paths and certifications, this assessment is tool agnostic and focuses on general analytic concepts and skills. Use this tool in conjunction with the other learning resources to develop your overall data capabilities to become a more powerful Alteryx user and Maveryx!  


Do I get a credential from this assessment?


This assessment is not designed for credentialing. Depending on how many categories you select, the assessment will typically take 10-30 minutes to complete. The goal of this short diagnostic is to identify your current standing so that we can point you to resources that will help you take the next steps in your analytics journey.


Where do I access it?


The assessment is available through your Mission Control page. To get there, sign into your Maveryx Community account and go to, or choose the My Alteryx Settings option from the drop down menu that appears after clicking on your profile name in the top right corner of Maveryx Community.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

This is a great tool to support any learners' analytics learning journey!

Alteryx SparkED Team
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Thankyou for sharing the insights.