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Community Risk Assessment for Municipal Economics

12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

Hi, Public Sector User Group Members!  We hope you all are staying safe and healthy.  Our Q2 meeting was a great success, and we had a very large attendance from not only around the country, but some members internationally as well!


Thank you all for joining us for an informative and enlightening session, where Jason Claunch, President and founder of Catalyst Commercial, presented the unique ways his company is utilizing Alteryx and PopStats demographic data for municipal strategies.  Jason showcased how his team assists cities in optimizing their economic development by evaluating existing retail locations, then applying advanced statistics and spatial analytics in Alteryx, along with decades of experience in retail site selection and urban planning.  Demographic data are analyzed in the process, and an optimum mix of proposed new retail is generated, along with a scoring system to prioritize new growth.



Jason also discussed how Alteryx can be used to help cities recover during and after COVID-19, by understanding business risk.  He and his team, along with Altab Solutions http://www.altabsolutions.com/ , developed a Community Risk Assessment process that utilizes sophisticated spatial and demographic analytics to understand municipal economics.


A Q&A session followed, with excellent questions from our members!  Thank you to Jason for presenting, and giving outstanding insight into potential ways cities may begin their recovery process during this time.  For more information on Catalyst Commercial, please visit their website at http://catalystcommercial.net/ .


Our leadership team of Colleen Hayes @ColleenH218 , Business Data Analyst at Rexnord and Alteryx Customer Advisory Board Member, and I then provided Alteryx Community updates.  However, as the updates began, the webinar platform seemed to have an audio issue, so we were not able to complete the session.  We apologize to each of our members for the inconvenience, and are posting the recording of the presentation below, along with the slides containing the updates.




Special thanks to Chris Shernaman @ChrisS , Industry User Groups Coordinator and moderator of the new Industry Discussions, for his continual support and enthusiasm for our industry meetings!  We are grateful to Alteryx for hosting the virtual meeting, and Chris for all of his ideas and willingness to go the extra mile for all of our groups!


Thank you all again for being a part of this inspiring meeting, and please share this post with any who may be interested.  We appreciate you being a part of the Public Sector User Group, and this group is created “by users, for users” in order to facilitate conversation, networking and collaboration for all in the public sector.  Please feel free to share your ideas and any posts you find useful here in the Alteryx Community; we look forward to hearing from you, and working together to improve lives through Alteryx!



Deanna Sanchez

Alteryx ACE