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Every so often I come across a thread that unveils a helpful Community tip; like when @chris_love shared the ability to reply to threads directly via email, or the post @JulieH put together with  useful links to unanswered questions and recent posts. For this week's Thursday Thought, I wanted to take the opportunity to capture even more of these handy tips & tricks.



Do you have a Community tip or trick up your sleeve?  Please share it with the rest of the community by replying to this post!


To kick things off, I'll share a one of my own:  Entering a blank search, takes you straight to the Advanced Search Options page :)


12 - Quasar

We can use the "Report Content" (under the "..." icon) for alerting moderators to threads that need their attention for any good reason, not just for reporting abuse. For example if the thread is duplicated or in the the wrong category or if the post/reply includes personal information.


Report Content.png

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus
I guess it's pretty intuitive, but honestly, subscribing to the boards that are most interesting to me has really upped the experience. I get little tidbits of information in my email all day long, often times answers to questions I didn't even realize I had too! And it's also nice when I see a new post that I know I can help solve for someone right away. So much easier for me to see them pop up in email rather than patrolling through the community site on an irregular basis...
17 - Castor
17 - Castor

My three tips:

a) ask.    When I first joined the community I was hesitant to ask questions that may be obvious - but this community really is tremendously supportive, and I've never seen someone ridiculed for a silly question.     So just ask :-)

b) more info up-front is better.   Best tip is to structure your issue as much like the weekly challenge as possible - input data; output data; and notes about the task - the questions that are well structured with this level of context are solved very very quickly.

c) make contact with folk.    This community works best when members support and encourage each other, and when you can get a sense of the people behind the usernames