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After you download this xyi file. What is next?



double click it or open as a workflow straight from Designer. then follow the installation process. at the end the tool is present on Connectors pallet or you can simply search for it in Search (top right on your screen) and drag and drop it on canvas.

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Is there a version that is compatible to 2021.2 version of Alteryx?


Hi @mcdonakr , if you don't need to publish into Server, the 3.0.0 might work for 21.2 as well, but it is not officially supported. 

9 - Comet

Hi, thanks a lot for this tool.

I use the last available version (v3.1.0). This works fine with Alteryx Designer but when I run the workflow within my Server, i got a error message :

"Bad request syntax or unsupported method."




I think this is an authentification issue because i get the same message with Designer if I don't configure the authentification after opening the workflow.

Do you have any clue to help me?

Kind regards,



6 - Meteoroid

FYI, I discovered an issue with the Azure App registration API permissions with this tool in version 3.1, and I have found that the issue still persists with 3.2.  This post details the issue and how to fix it yourself if necessary:


Power BI Output Tool - Azure App Registration API ... - Alteryx Community


Basically there's a legacy permission "Group.Read.All" included in a couple of files in this plugin that no longer exists in Azure, so if you (your Azure admins) set up an App Registration manually according to the instructions Alteryx provides on their "Microsoft Power BI" page and grant consent to all of the required permissions, you still get prompted for additional consent in Alteryx because of that legacy permission and can't continue.  The fix I've detailed in the included post is to remove the references to that legacy permission.


Hopefully the Alteryx folks will included this fix in a future update.

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Got this error:



How can I fix it ?


@Juan_Zamora , could you confirm that you are using a supported version of Designer? 

6 - Meteoroid

Hi, will this tool work on Alteryx Design 2020.2.3 version? 

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I have the same problem that Juan Zamora. Please help!

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Is PowerBI_v3.2.0 compatible with Alteryx version 2018.4.5.55178  ?

Getting below while installing. If this is not compatible, which version of Power BI output tool is compatible with 2018 Alteryx version?



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Hi, I'm receiving the same error as @Juan_Zamora.


I am running Alteryx Admin Designer 2020.3.8.30287. Is my version compatible with this Power BI tool or am I experiencing a separate issue.

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Dear all where i can find the link to download PowerBI_v3.0.0?  when i click in download only have the option for PowerBI_v3.3.