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12 - Quasar

How do you pass parameters to the flow? I select the flow but no parameters show as available. I manually set one and the flow runs but tells me input parameters are ignored. I try to pass it using a field and it tells me it failed to parse the parameters.

The flow is setup to ask for an input and the input works when I test in Power Automate. When I run the flow using the Alteryx connector however, it ignores my input and runs the flow using the same data I tested the flow with in Power Automate or says it succeeded but doesn't actually run.


Are there any more detailed instructions or examples on how to properly leverage this connector?



@SPetrie - here's documentation - https://help.alteryx.com/20221/designer/power-automate-tool#sign-in-to-power-automate


Do you have screenshots of what you're seeing on the parameters options? Are you getting variables from field or select variables manually?

12 - Quasar

Thanks for the reply @JessieC 

This is what I see on the parameters screen when selecting the flow from the "My Flows" dropdown.


The flow is setup to accept a text value for an email address and the flow works properly in PowerAutomate



If I switch to using the flow id from a field so I can specify where the variable comes from and select the EmailText field, I get this when running the flow


If I specify them manually, I get a similar result.


In both of those runs, it did actually kickoff the PowerAutomate flow, but it used the last email I tested the flow with in PowerAutomate instead of the one I tried to pass it with the Alteryx workflow.


6 - Meteoroid

Having the same issue as SPetrie above. The tool is pretty much unusable in the current format without the Parameters working appropriately.