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Alteryx Designer Core Micro-Credential: General Knowledge Prep Guide

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Download the Alteryx Designer Core Micro-Credential: General Knowledge Prep Guide 



Exam Overview


The Alteryx Designer Core Micro-Credential: General Knowledge exam tests your knowledge of the basic features of Designer and your ability to apply your knowledge and use the tools to solve real-world problems. General knowledge includes Designer features such as the canvas, file formats, and workflow optimization.


Audience: Everyone with an Alteryx Community profile!

Experience Level: Intermediate

Price: Free

Exam Type: Online, on demand

Time allotted: 30 minutes

Version: The exam tests on the 22.1 version of Desktop Designer with the AMP Engine disabled.

Attempts: One attempt every 7 days

Questions: 20

Question Types: Multiple-choice, practical application, matching, and multiple-response

Point Values: 1 point for multiple-choice, matching, multiple-response, and practical application. Partial credit is awarded for matching and multiple-response questions (“Select THREE options”).

Policy violations: You may not receive assistance from another person, allow another person to take the exam on your behalf, plagiarize any exam answers, share exam content, create more than one account for additional exam attempts, or use unauthorized publications of exam answers. Review the Alteryx Certification Agreement and Policies for more details. Policy violations will result in removal of certifications and a possible ban from the Alteryx Community.

BADGE AND CERTIFICATION: Within 48 hours of passing the exam, every user will receive an email from our virtual badge partner Credly. A Credly profile is required to access the Core Certificate and virtual badge that can be shared online.

Recertification: The Alteryx Designer Core Certification expires after 2 years. You may retake and pass the Alteryx Designer Core exam OR the Alteryx Designer Advanced exam to renew your Core certification. After the first year of certification, you become eligible to retake the exam to recertify.



Domain % of the exam
     I.    Use Designer search and resources  20%
     II.   Navigate the user interface  20%
     III.  Identify Alteryx native file formats  10%
     IV.  Share and export workflows  10%
     V.   Optimize workflows and collaborate  40%
TOTAL 100%



Download the Alteryx Designer Core Micro-Credential: General Knowledge Prep Guide