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With version 2.0 Alteryx Connect continues to deliver and improve on its mission to bring Collaborative Data Exploration capabilities to the Alteryx platform. The addition of metadata loaders for BI systems and data sources make it more than ever the Information hub for everyone in your enterprise to find, share and collaborate on analytics. 


Best time-to-value

Aligned with the Alteryx focus on time-to-value, we are constantly improving the ability for our customers to get our customers up and running and realizing the value of Alteryx as quickly as possible. Alteryx Connect V2.0 delivers major improvements in the installation and configuration process as well as simple configuration steps for Windows authentication, making it easier and faster for organizations to implement Connect into their environment.


With our metadata loaders based on familiar Alteryx workflows, this means a new deployment of Alteryx Connect can literally be up and delivering value on specific use case within an hour.


Connect Config wizard.JPG


Best Information Catalog

The information catalog is at the core of Alteryx Connect and with each new release we deliver enhancements to this capability. With version 2.0 we're releasing a much anticipated SDK that allows customers and partners to develop custom metadata loaders.


While we now have the SDK, we keep developing and delivering loaders to address the most popular systems used by our customers. Specifically we had many requests to help you solve challenges around:


  • Information silos emerging from the use of multiple BI systems, a common situation in larger enterprises. We understand knowledge workers need to find information across all systems. By popular demand we're delivering a Microsoft Power BI metadata loader so that users/organizations can extend their BI footprint to more users in a controlled environment


  • Data Lake implementations, not only helping business user to find relevant information from their Hadoop systems but providing it in the context of other data systems such as relational databases. Version 2.0 comes with a Hadoop HIVE loader to start with. And we will continue to look at other big data sources in the future to help alleviate these challenges.


  • Better understanding your data sources and helping users find the information they need. Since, much data remains persisted in files, Alteryx Connect V2.0 adds an option to find and present the schema of a file when available. (value?)


Other new loaders in this release include Teradata and Amazon S3. For a list of all supported Alteryx Connect metadata sources, see the Alteryx Connect Help.


Best Collaboration & Discovery Experience

So far we’ve been discussing the creation of a solid technical metadata catalog via Alteryx Connect Loaders. But the value of the catalog is only fully realized when users can find and collaborate around the information.


In that context. Connect 2.0 delivers incremental improvements around two guiding principles for the product:


  • A simple, business friendly user experience: Expanding on the very well received Connect v1.0 experience, we streamlined the discovery experience through a preview capability on links that allows users to find more context without navigating away from the page.


  • Straight forward collaboration: as the information hub to many systems, Connect is the perfect place to foster collaboration and encourage the community to develop and contribute to the analytic culture. Connect V2.0 makes it easy for anyone to contribute through a familiar inline editing experience. As always, changes are audited via versioning and asset feeds.

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Tired of reading? Want to see what it looks like? Watch the trailer!


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