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Navigate your analytic world with Mapbox maps integrated into Alteryx Designer 2019.4 and experience the world at your fingertips! 


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Everything happens somewhere and now you hold the key to unlock location intelligence to keep up with the speed of global business. With a complete refresh of the default maps in Alteryx, we couldn't be more excited for you to start uncovering new location insights. These integrated Mapbox maps amplify your analysis with street and satellite/aerial imagery maps, expanded and frequently updated data depth and global coverage, and enhanced language support. All of this equals unlimited insight opportunities for you.


New additions include street maps that show road infrastructure as well as landmarks, points of interest, natural features, and crisp satellite imagery down to one-meter resolution to see your city under a microscope. You’ll continue to enjoy seeing these maps in either light or dark mode now with enhanced global detail. Use this extra layer of detail to change the game on your analysis and discover new insights such as what areas have the best natural features to support cellular network optimization. 


To uncover more answers from your dataset, take advantage of new Alteryx macros from Mapbox available on the Alteryx Public Gallery and enabled for use by signing up for an API key from Mapbox. Each of these macros provides access to additional Mapbox capabilities delivered through an API with no complex setup, and the drag-and-drop interface you’re already familiar with. Perform analyses on your data that will let you determine how far you can get in x minutes while biking or walking from one point to another, or even geocode 

Mapbox 10.PNGinternational locations with multiple address formats.


Say you’re trying to calculate the best placement for electric scooters or bike stations in urban areas. Typically, they’re placed on highly trafficked sidewalks for easy access and dispersed across the city, convenient for anyone to find. In this example, Mapbox can help optimize placement of bikes/scooters in cities to gain more customers. With Mapbox macros to supplement your everyday spatial analysis in Alteryx, you’ll become aware of new opportunities that lie in your data and make confident business decisions based on your analysis shown on top of these detailed maps.



With so many ways to conquer your world of data with these maps, what new insights will you uncover with them? Comment on this post to tell us!