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Alteryx is a leading provider of AI for enterprise analytics, focusing on automating data and analytics processes that turn raw, siloed data into powerful business insights and outcomes.


The Alteryx AI Platform for Enterprise Analytics offers integrated generative and conversational AI, data preparation, advanced analytics, and automated reporting capabilities. The platform is powered by AiDIN, Alteryx’s AI engine for harnessing AI in a secure and trusted environment.


In February, we released some exciting new features to continue democratizing analytics, enhancing efficiency, and achieving faster insights, so keep reading to uncover the excitement!


Alteryx Auto Insights

  • Simulation


Alteryx Designer Cloud

  • Running total tool
  • Canvas improvements
  • Suggestions improvements


Alteryx Analytics Cloud

  • Account Admin Console


Watch our February 2024 Updates video here:



Keep reading to learn more about these exciting new capabilities and features.


Alteryx Auto Insights


This month, the Auto Insights team is excited to announce the release of the Auto Insights Simulation.  This is a great update for all of you folks who are just getting familiarized with Alteryx or even you folks who are heavy Designer & Designer Cloud users who are curious about what Auto Insights looks like.


With the Auto Insights Simulation, anyone can experience limited functionality within Auto Insights.  In less than 5 minutes, you can take a spin through a Simulation of Auto Insights, experiencing features like Playbooks, Magic Documents, and What Caused This.


Using the Simulation is simple – just navigate to the URL here, and enter your role, company, industry, or objective into the prompt interface.  If you’re in a hurry, you can even select from a list of pre-populated benefits cards to get started.


In short, if you or someone on your team wants to test drive Auto Insights in an easy way, the Simulation is the answer!


Feb - AAI Simulation.png


Alteryx Designer Cloud


This month, we’ve continued with our enhancements to help you get from messy data to useful insights faster.


Running Total Tool

Users can now drag the new Running Total tool onto the canvas to calculate a cumulative sum per row in a dataset. To learn more about the Running Total tool, check out our guide!


Canvas Improvements

Users can now schedule workflows from inside of Designer Cloud by selecting File > Schedule without the need to navigate to Plans.


For users that have a large number of workflows, we heard your feedback! Now, it’s possible to search for specific workflows by name on the Designer Cloud landing page.


Suggestions Improvements

We’ve enabled new types of suggestions for Date and DateTime columns: DateTimeDiff and DateTimeAdd. These selections allow you to add or subtract from each value in a column within some specific date range (day, month, year, min, seconds). For example, this can help tell you how much time has elapsed between two events.


DateTimeDiff and DateTimeAdd will now start to show up alongside other suggestions when you highlight data inside of the Results Grid.


Alteryx Analytics Cloud


This month, we’re excited to announce an important new update to our Admin Console that many of you, especially enterprise customers, have been asking for. Now, admins on the Alteryx Analytics Cloud can view their license usage and contract information and download audit logs, all from one place.


First, log into the Alteryx Analytics Cloud and navigate to the Admin Console. There, you can view all of your licenses and usage, see how many available licenses are left, and see your billing history and upcoming payments.


Importantly, you can also download this information in the form of Audit Logs. We know this is important for you because, with accurate visibility into your usage and accounting information, you can make informed decisions regarding renewals and how many licenses you will need in the future.


You’ll also have better visibility and a centralized place to track your spending so you can have a better understanding of the value you’re getting from Alteryx.


Please go ahead and check out the Admin console today and we hope this makes your governance and accountability processes easier and richer.


Feb - Admin Console.png


Conclusion & Learn More


Thank you for reading and if you want to learn more about this release, check out the Release Notes section below. And don’t forget to let us know your thoughts or share your ideas on our Maveryx Community Discussion Forums. See you next month!


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