Learn more about the Alteryx Maveryx Universe recently announced at Inspire 2023!


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We are taking the best of the Analytics rock stars from our Community to battle it out on our Main Stage. We take the five strongest Alteryx users we can find – from across the globe – and let them ‘race’ on stage for analytic glory. Who can solve the most problems and build the fastest workflows? We’ll soon find out!


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Let’s break down who these top competitors are what gets them amped up. So, without further ado, let me introduce you to (and congratulate!) our five finalists – one of whom will walk away with the Grand Prix trophy and all the bragging rights.


Kenda Barnes @Kenda Kenda taps into the power of Alteryx 10-20 hours a week at her company The MedPro Group. She is proud to represent the Indianapolis User Group, showing the Alter.Nation what they are made of. This will be the first time Kenda is attending Inspire and she is “ready to go for the whole experience.”


Garrett Lodewyck @Garrett joins us from KPMG. He has been using Alteryx for many years and this will not be his first time on the Grand Prix stage! Coming from the Denver User Group, Garrett is ready to get a chance to defend his 2017 Grand Prix championship title after missing 2018 for the birth of his daughter. Garrett is ready to shine on the main stage.


Philip Mannering @PhilipMannering is representing our friends across the pond from the London, UK User Group. He's competed in prelims multiple times but this is the first time the stars have aligned for him to be on the Finals stage. He's hoping his favorite tool - RegEx - makes an appearance as he represents ClarusONE.


Chris Lewis @cplewis90 joins us from Whole Foods Market, in Austin Texas where he's a member of his local Alteryx User Group. Being at the Grand Prix last year was really exhilarating for him, especially as it came down to the wire! He enjoy challenges and puzzles and thinks he has a good chance to take home the cup!


Ashley Vincent @alv728 has been using Alteryx for over 2 years and uses it over 20 hours a week! She works for DEG Digital and is part of the Kansas City, MO User Group. She likes a challenge, wants to be more active in the Alteryx Community, and the multi-row formula tool is her 'instrument' of choice!


Are you as excited as we are to see these five amazing users compete on the big stage? If you aren't already joining us, register for Inspire 2019 in Nashville– I can promise it will be a thrilling experience!