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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Alteryx Designer 10.5Today we are excited to announce the release of Alteryx Analytics 10.5! As the leader in self-service data analytics, Alteryx is laser focused on giving analysts the ability to prep, blend and analyze data using a repeatable workflow; share and deploy analytics at scale; and deliver deeper insights in hours, not weeks. With the release of Alteryx Analytics 10.5 we are delivering new features that further empower analysts to prepare and blend data from even more diverse datasets, while driving self-service data analytics across their organization.


Alteryx Analytics 10.5 enables analysts to quickly derive insights from new combinations of diverse datasets, with new access to cloud and big data sources. With Alteryx Analytics 10.5, analysts can now incorporate data from Amazon Aurora, and perform in-database data blending in Apache Hive and Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse without requiring HiveQL (HQL) or SQL coding knowledge. In addition, Alteryx Analytics 10.5 introduces new connectors to Google Sheets, Adobe Analytics, and Salesforce – enhancing the scope of data available for analytic insights.


Being able to connect to and blend a variety of data sources independently is only one portion of the analytics process, and with Alteryx Analytics we ensure that self-service applies to not just data blending, but the creation of analytic insights and the sharing of those insights quickly and easily across an organization, while respecting existing data governance.


With the release of Alteryx Analytics 10.5 we are further removing insight bottlenecks to empower everyone to make data-driven decisions without compromising data governance. Alteryx Analytics 10.5 offers deeper integration with Tableau to provide a seamless transition from analytic output to visual exploration. In addition, Alteryx Analytics 10.5 makes it easy to offload data preparation, blending, and analytics as secure, customizable apps on Alteryx Server to empower everyone with self-service data analytic insights.


Analysts today need to be able to create complex analytic insights unaided at the speed that the organization needs and not at the availability of resources. Alteryx Analytics 10.5 helps to expand the community of business analysts within an organization, and speed time to insight and building of complex analytics for all analysts across geographies. This new release enables analysts of all skill levels and languages with new and translated analytic examples — available in German and French — that drive faster data cleansing and preparation, as well as create spatial insights on a global scale with new international geocoding and data for Brazil, Europe, and New Zealand.


I’m really proud of the work that our product development team in Broomfield, Colorado put into this release, and I can’t wait for you to experience it. Existing Alteryx customers can download Alteryx Analytics 10.5 today, and prospects can install a free, 14-day trial so they experience its power with their own data. If you’d like to see Alteryx Analytics 10.5 demonstrated live, make plans to join us for a webinar on May 26th and see firsthand all of the exciting new features within this release. In addition, follow the Alteryx Analytics 10.5 blog series.