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Two months ago at our Inspire 2017 user conference in Las Vegas we announced the newest product in the Alteryx platform – Alteryx Connect! My colleagues and I had the privilege of being able to demonstrate a beta version to hundreds of customers over two days, and the feedback and excitement for the product was incredible. We’ve spent the last two months putting the finishing touches on its initial release, and I’m proud to announce that Alteryx Connect is now generally available!


Alteryx Inspire 2017 – Las Vegas, NVAlteryx Inspire 2017 – Las Vegas, NV

As mentioned in my previous blog post announcing Alteryx Connect, we’ve built a data discovery platform that provides business users and information workers a single point of entry into the world of data, giving them the power to easily and quickly find (like a Google search), understand, and gain trust in information relevant to their business. By combining collaboration, data exploration and data cataloging into a platform, Alteryx Connect changes how users discover, prioritize, and analyze all relevant information in their organizations. Underneath the simple, easy-to-use web interface, there is a powerful graph data structure and ML elements that enable organizations to harness the full power of their metadata graph.


The Single Point of Entry - Alteryx Connect Home ScreenThe Single Point of Entry - Alteryx Connect Home Screen

This last point (“trust”) is an area where we spent a considerable amount of development time over that two months to refine the user experience. Unlike a simple data catalog, Alteryx Connect has deep social capabilities that enable tribal knowledge in an organization about raw data, Alteryx workflows, Tableau dashboards, and more to be captured and discussed – easily. Now you can reduce the time spent searching for impactful data and assets, and avoid the information that is not trustworthy or suffers from quality issues.


 Capture, Discuss, and RateCapture, Discuss, and Rate

Information assets that rate highest will be at the top of your search results, but so will governed assets that have been “blessed” by official publishers inside your company, such as revenue reports by the CFO, or headcount information by HR. These capabilities allow you to create an organizational standard around data and information, with insight into how these assets are being used and who is using them. If you don’t have access to the data you think you need to complete your analytics project, you can start a conversation with the data owner and request access or more information.


We often hear customers talk about how they can solve the previously unsolvable, and realize dramatic productivity gains with Alteryx Designer – leading to an experience that is thoroughly exciting and rewarding. We think you’ll feel the same way about Alteryx Connect. Now, everyone in your organization can accelerate the end-to-end analytic process to help solidify the organization’s competitive advantage!


Are you excited to see Alteryx Connect? Watch the short video below to learn and see more!



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