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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Today is an exciting day for all of us at Alteryx! We've been hard at work building something new to thrill our customers. And finally, we're able to share what we've been up to these past few months... and what better time to break the news than at our 2017 Inspire conference!


Connect icons.pngBut before I tell you what we've built, let me keep you in suspense and first give you some background. In conversations with many of our customers, we learned that discovering useful information is difficult in organizations. Information workers spend a lot of time searching for data assets that may be relevant to their analysis, and this causes inefficiencies and slow turnaround on business questions. In addition, tribal knowledge in an organization is lost because knowledge about the validity of data, visualizations, macros, apps, and other resources isn't shared or made readily available, discoverable, or accessible.


Imagine if searching for this information was as easy as a Google search. When we go to Google we search for the information we need, filter, and find it. Simple as that. Why then is looking for the information you need inside your organization much more difficult than a Google search?


Discovering relevant information is made even more difficult due to the vast amount of data and number of data sources that live across organizations. At a time when information volume and complexity is increasing, most business users often don't know where to start looking. Ask any business person in the world if they've ever struggled to find the information they need to do their job, and the answer will likely be a definite yes. When information is not easy to find, when it is difficult to understand or has no context that's meaningful to you, when you miss finding relevant information to your business question, and when trust in the information is low or nonexistent due to quality issues, your analysis has very little value to the decision-makers in your organization.


How, then, do we make it so that you can "google" the right information quickly and evaluate its lineage, understand the information being presented and know that it is trustworthy? Furthermore, how do we make this a social and collaborative experience so that you can easily take advantage of the tribal knowledge in your organization?


Well, we do this by building a collaborative, data exploration and data cataloging platform for the enterprise that changes how information workers discover, prioritize, and analyze all relevant information in the enterprise. We create a single point of entry into the world of data, giving information workers the power to discover and understand information relevant to their business. They can reduce the time spent searching for impactful data and assets, and avoid ones that have rated poorly. At the same time, IT can create an organizational standard where people can go to share 'trusted' information assets, with insight into how they are being used and their lineage. The organization benefits from dramatically improved analytic productivity, and better business decisions for all.


So, ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce to you what we have built and will release soon... Alteryx Connect!


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