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Get ready to feel the power of Alteryx as you elevate your data and analytics game with the latest release of Designer & Server 2024.1! With 24.1, we’ve engineered all the new features to help you achieve faster speed to insights and greater scale across the enterprise, including: 


  • An Analytics AI assistant to streamline tasks
  • Cloud Execution for Desktop, now with Azure support to expand your scalability needs between cloud and on-premises users
  • Enterprise-ready features to enhance Workflow Efficiency, and
  • Accelerating Task Completion through improved features


And we’ve delivered these capabilities with your imperatives required for governance and enterprise readiness.


*Infusing Generative AI


*Delivered and will continue to be delivered separately from 2024.1. This allows you to access the latest tools and improvements as soon as they become available.


With our AI Platform for Enterprise Analytics, we want you to have all the AI-powered analytics tools you need available in one unified but versatile platform. And this year marks a significant milestone for Designer with the upcoming introduction of AiDIN Copilot!


AiDIN Copilot is a dynamic analytical assistant that helps you create workflows in Designer with speed and confidence. Skip the manual configurations and tool searches. You can ask your AiDIN Copilot what you need, and it’ll provide suggestions, such as tools, directly on the canvas so you can quickly validate and move on to analysis. We’ve also built AiDIN Copilot to:


  • Boost your analytics with personalized AI:
    • AiDIN Copilot leverages the power of generative artificial intelligence to help you analyze your data and find the best solutions.
    • Generate answers and insights while receiving guidance on how to improve your workflow along the way.
  • Streamline your workflows for faster insights:
    • Automate those repetitive drag and drop tasks, setting configurations, or browsing through menus in Designer. Tell AiDIN Copilot what you need, and it provides an instantaneous solution.
  • Chat with your data and get answers in seconds:
    • AiDIN Copilot enables you to interact with your data naturally and conversationally. You can ask questions, request actions, or give feedback to generate the results you need with clear and concise suggestions.


Ready to get started? Visit the AiDIN Copilot webpage or reach out to your Alteryx representatives to learn more! 




*Scaling with Cloud Execution for Desktop


As organizations navigate the increasingly hybrid IT landscape, flexibility and choice across cloud environments are finding more adoption. With Cloud Execution for Desktop you can accelerate your journey towards the cloud by extending, augmenting, automating, and executing your desktop-built workflows in the cloud. Several recent enhancements include:


  • Availability of Cloud Execution for Desktop in the Azure Private Data Plane! Build workflows in the familiar comfort of Designer, then seamlessly publish and manage them in your preferred cloud playground. This means broader choice, increased flexibility, and a smoother transition to the cloud.
  • New orchestration capabilities for Designer workflows, allowing orchestration of both on-premises and cloud-native workflows. By leveraging Alteryx Plans, users can effortlessly orchestrate multiple desktop workflows, creating a unified approach across environments.
  • A new Compatibility Checker, making it easier and faster to move analytic workloads from Designer to Cloud Execution for Desktop. Join our Private Preview to evaluate workflows that are good candidates for Cloud Execution for Desktop. Contact your Alteryx Customer Services team for details. 



  • Expansion to GCP: Seamlessly publish and manage workflows in your preferred cloud playground, offering even more choice.
  • Version Control Flexibility: We’re giving you the power to choose the optimal timing for transitioning to a newer release, like 24.1, ensuring a frictionless experience with your existing workflows until you’re ready to update to the latest features.


Simplifying Your Enterprise Tasks


Our latest product release embodies enterprise readiness with a focus on automation and security. You can expect a robust suite of features, such as secure authentication for data safety, out-of-the-box connectors for seamless collaboration, and scalable management.


Databricks Unity Catalog Volumes


Simplify data loading and enhance security with the Databricks Unity Catalog Volumes. This feature makes it easier than ever to load your data into Databricks, eliminating the need for external locations and storage credentials and ensuring a more efficient and secure data integration experience without compromising on security.


Automate with Data Connection Manager (DCM)


DCM is the central hub for managing your data connections at scale, offering unparalleled security, administrative efficiency, and effortless credential sharing. We're also introducing new enhancements that automate your processes and foster collaborative efforts.


  • Manually updating connections when transitioning between Alteryx environments can be time-consuming and error prone. Today, we added Environment Connection Handling, designed to automate updates based on their storage or execution environment. This ensures effortless transitions between Alteryx Environments, particularly in enterprise deployments.


24.1 DCM Connection Handling.png


  • Generic Vault offers a comprehensive solution for retrieving secrets from top-tier or custom-built vaults, simplifying the process with straightforward parameter specification, secret mapping, and deployment options available on both Designer and Server.


More Choices of Data Connectors


This 2024.1 release brings a significant expansion in your connectivity options as well. With new connectors like Parquet, SAP IQ, Dremio, Trino, and OpenAI, we give you an array of possibilities to work with data more effectively.


Asset Transfer for Workflow Ease


We recognize a smooth workflow and schedule management can be tricky when employees leave the company. With Transfer Asset Ownership in Server, you have access to easy transfer schedules and workflows between users, maintain a complete version history, and perform bulk transfers of workflows, schedules, and collections using our APIs. This innovative feature simplifies the process of making changes to your team, ensuring that your operations continue running smoothly.




Server's SQL Server Integration Simplifies Data Control


Alteryx Server supports user-managed MSSQL databases, giving you the flexibility to choose MSSQL as their preferred database for your Server persistence layer. You can easily set up new Server environments directly with MSSQL. If you're already using user-managed Mongo or built-in Mongo, you can also migrate your database from Mongo to SQL using our new MongoDB to MSSQL Migrator workflow.


Designer, Server, and the 3.10 Python Upgrade


We’ve completed a Python upgrade from version 3.8 to 3.10 in Designer 24.1 to meet critical security standards. Users and creators of custom-built SDK tools (including those on the Community Gallery and Marketplace) and Server customers who test workflows in sandbox environments can find details in this FAQ. If you’re ready to update your custom SDK tools, follow these step-by-step instructions for guidance, testing, and troubleshooting.


Elevating Your User Experience


Your voice matters, and we’ve been listening closely. You’ll see our commitment to customer love with these latest options to customize your application, workflows, and more.


Time-Saving Workflow Solutions


In 2023.2, we brought you the capability to create and use your custom workflow templates for smoother workflow creation. With 24.1, you’ll be delighted by the:


  • New thumbnail view for saved templates enables quick identification.
  • “Save As” Template, which includes fields for providing template metadata such as Owner, Description, and Thumbnail image.
  • Specify a custom location feature for where your templates are located – great for users who want to point everyone in an organization to a shared repository of templates. Try it yourself now!


24.1 Designer - Custom Workflow4.gif


Connect with Ease


We’ve optimized the data connector installation process in Designer. Easily install Alteryx-supported Data Connectors from Alteryx Marketplace without leaving Designer. Please note that this feature is currently in BETA, with some components that may not be fully functional.


24.1 Designer - Marketplace Add-On.gif


Additional Items


  • Excel Reader Optimization: Enjoy up to 3.5X faster XLSX reader times, empowering you with speed in every analysis.
  • Disable Single Formula Expression: Whether you're troubleshooting or crafting complex formulas, this feature augments ease of use and testing during function development or formula refinement.
  • More Functions, More Power: Empower yourself with ease to perform diverse calculations and comparisons using an array of new functions like Coalesce, Find Nth, EqualStrings.
  • *New Resources and News in Designer Desktop: The “Start Here” window in Designer now brings new and popular resources from the Maveryx Community. Get the latest content when you open Designer 24.1.


Start Here - EN.png


Upgrade to 2024.1 Today


As you can see, we are delivering a lot of requested and brand-new features with 2024.1, and we can’t wait to see what you build with these new capabilities. To read more about these latest capabilities, head over to Technical Documentation. We also love hearing your thoughts and suggestions! Please share your ideas on our Ideas Boards.   


But that’s not all.... Want a sneak peek at what’s next?   


As we continue our journey of innovation and partnership, we invite you to look forward to our Q2 Customer Webinar. Join us to gain a deeper dive into the product roadmap ahead and how Alteryx is evolving to shape the workplace of the future. 


If you are a current customer, you’ll learn more about what new features we’re working on behind the scenes through our Public Preview Beta Program. This is where you play a vital role in testing all our features in one Designer build and provide feedback directly to our Product team.   


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