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Achieve greater scale across your enterprise with our latest release — 2021.4


Our Product & Engineering teams have been hard at work to deliver tools and capabilities that are going to help you achieve greater scale with data and analytics across the enterprise. 


With this release, we’re enhancing how you connect to data with new data connectors, and how you securely share those connections with our new Data Connection Manager (DCM). Server users will notice a more streamlined interface and will be able to configure users, workflows, schedules, collections, connections and credentials all directly in our Admin API V3. Finally, our advanced Designer users and developers have eagerly been awaiting an update to our software development kit and we’ve delivered with Platform SDK v2. 


Read on to learn about how these features (and more) are enabling organizations to scale their analytics automation. 


Securely share data connections and collaborate


With DCM, Designer users will be able to create data connections (connections refer to the linkage between credentials and data sources) and sync that information up to Server. This allows users to share their data connections with peer users and user groups running workflows on Server. 


Data Connection Manager makes storing credential information easy.  

Manage teams and scale usage


Alteryx Server Admins can now configure users, workflows, schedules, collections, connections, and credentials using Admin API v3. This opens the door for API automation and RPA integration as well as allowing users to better support their own custom management portals. 

Admin API v3 also comes with a simplified interface. 


Create new tools and capabilities 


Alteryx Platform SDK provides our developer and partner community the tools they need to customize their Alteryx experience by building custom tools and plugins and share those with teams or on Gallery. The new version brings critical new capabilities and greatly improves performance:  


  • Integration with DCM, allowing secure sharing of credential information  
  • Schedule workflows that include SDK connectors on Alteryx Server
  • Simplified interface will increase Developer time-to-value by ~30%  
  • Improved plugin performance by up to 99%
  • Test plugins without needing Designer  
  • Custom plugins developed with 2.0 will be compatible with Designer 21.4+ 

Visit our Platform SDK QuickStart Guide to learn more! 

Anytime, anywhere access  


With 21.4, Desktop Designer users will be able to authenticate into Designer Cloud, open a workflow, and save that workflow from Desktop to Cloud. Users will also be able to open a Cloud workflow and transition to Designer Desktop. This is a key enabler for cross-functionality between Designer Desktop and our new Cloud offering. 

Bring Named Entity Recognition and analytics into your workflow 


The Named Entity Recognition (NER) is a Text Mining tool that extracts and categorizes entities from bodies of text. It can identify named entities, including multi-word entities, such as people, organizations, locations, and enhances automation of document image reading. For example, customers are using NER to group expenses by event name or location name, and then creating reports to fully understand cost of ownership.  


Pull Named Entity Recognition into an Alteryx workflow and it will automatically detect entities in text.  


Upgrade to 2021.4 today 


There are many more enhancements, features, and ways to scale better across the enterprise with our latest release. To read more about new additions mentioned in this blog, head over to Technical Documentation. We also love hearing your thoughts and suggestions! Let us know what you think about this release or share your ideas on our Community Discussion Forums. 


Want a sneak peek at what’s next? 


If you’re a current customer, find out more about what new features we’re working on behind the scenes through our Public Preview Beta Program. You can now test all features in one Designer build and provide feedback directly to our Product Team. 

suresh vittal
Chief Product Officer

Suresh is responsible for the strategic vision of Alteryx’s leading analytics and data science innovation, playing a critical role in setting the company’s product and cloud strategy.

Suresh is responsible for the strategic vision of Alteryx’s leading analytics and data science innovation, playing a critical role in setting the company’s product and cloud strategy.