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How to Run In-db Workflows on Server Without Using a Connection File



  • Alteryx Designer and Alteryx Server
  • Supported databases with the appropriate driver installed on both the user workstation and the Alteryx Server machine

Some users prefer to not use a connection file (.indbc) due to security concerns but still want to leverage In-DB tools on server.

The process detailed below will need to be repeated on the server machine and any user who plans to author workflows that leverage the In-DB tools with the plan to upload the workflow to Alteryx Server.


Step 1 - Set up the DSN or create the DSN-less connection string

Before configuring In-DB connections, either a DSN will need to be added on both the Server node(s) and user machines OR a DSN-less connection string will need to be written.


  • Instructions on how to create a DSN: Click here
  • Difference between DSN and DSN-less connections: Click here
  • Resource for writing a connection string: Click here

Step 2 - Create a System In-DB Connection in Designer


Note: The below steps should be taken on all Server nodes that are configured as Workers. Failure to do this will result is errors when a workflow that uses an in-db connection runs on the worker that has not been configured.

On the server machine, open Designer and go to Options > Advanced Options > Manage In-DB Connections.



This brings up the Manage In-DB Connections screen.
Create a System connection type and configure the connection following the directions in this link.


If the option to choose System is not available, close Designer, right-click on the Designer icon, and choose 'Run as Administrator'.


Take note of the name chosen for the connection as it will need to be used for any In-DB connections created on the user machines and on the Server. It is best practice to use the same driver and DSN/connection string details for each machine.

Note: All In-DB connections on the Server must be a System type connection.

Additionally, DSNs (if applicable) should also be a System DSN.



Step 3 - Repeat on all Server nodes configured as Workers (in a multi-node environment)


Repeat the process on the Designer for any user who intends to author and publish workflows utilizing In-DB tools. It is essential that the name in the user's Designer In-DB connection matches the Server's In-DB connection exactly.

If in a multi-node environment, the process will also need to be repeated on each worker node.


Once matching In-DB connections are made on all machines (server machine, worker nodes, and user workstations), workflows using In-DB connections can be published to and run on the Gallery.

Additional Resources

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