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How to Connect to a User-Managed MongoDB with Studio 3T


How to Connect to a User-Managed MongoDB using Studio 3T

Studio 3T is a GUI editor for MongoDB. This article covers the general steps to connect to a User-Managed MongoDB.  This article applies to both the free and paid versions of Studio 3T.  You may need to speak with your DBA to obtain some of the details needed to connect.


  • Alteryx Server
    • Versions 2018.3+
    • Admin access to Alteryx Server machine (Controller node if multi-node configuration)
  • Studio 3T (Download here)


The Server MongoDB has three databases:
  • AlteryxGallery
  • AlteryxGallery_Lucene
  • AlteryxService
Connect to AlteryxGallery database
  1. Open Studio 3T
  2. Select File > Connect...
  3. Click "New Connection"
    • Select "Manually configure my connection settings" and click "Next"
    • image.png
  4. In the "New Connection" window
    • Connection name: AlteryxGallery
    • "Server" Tab
      • Select the appropriate Connection Type that matches your MongoDB environment
      • If Connection Type is configured as 'Standalone'
        • Set Server as the MongoDB server hostname, for example, localhost (if connecting from the machine the MongoDB is located on) or machine name/IP if connecting remotely
        • Set the Port number.  By default, User-managed MongoDB instances use port 27017 but this may vary depending on your configuration.
        • image.png
      • If Connection Type is configured as Replica Set
        • Add the Members found under:
          • Alteryx System Settings > Controller > Persistence > Database > Host
          • Alteryx System Settings > Controller > Persistence > Database > MongoDB Connection if you have 'Advanced User-Managed MongoDB' selected
        • Add Replica Set Name where applicable.
        • image.png
    • "Authentication" Tab
      • Select the appropriate Authentication Mode that matches your MongoDB environment.
        • The MongoDB default is Legacy (SCRAM-SHA-1) but may vary depending on your configuration.
      • Enter the User name and Password for the AlteryxGallery database.
      • Set the Authentication DB to AlteryxGallery
      • image.png
      • Click "Test Connection" to confirm the connection was set up correctly.
      • image.png
      • Click "Save".
Connect to AlteryxService and AlteryxGallery_Lucene databases
  • Follow the same process above with the following changes:
    • Change "Connection name" and "Authentication DB" to AlteryxService to connect to AlteryxService database.
    • Change "Connection name" and "Authentication DB" to AlteryxGallery_Lucene to connect to AlteryxLucene database.
  • You can also clone a preexisting connection via the Connection Manager (File > Connect > Clone) and update the above fields.  You may need to update other fields depending on your MongoDB configuration.    


Common Issues

  • "Authentication Failed" message when connecting.
    • image.png
    • Confirm the User name and Password for your connection are correct.
  • "Socket error: Connection refused: no further information"
    • image.png
    • Make sure the Alteryx Service is running via Windows.  

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