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Adding Files to the Gallery


Adding files to Gallery App


Sometimes when uploading Apps or Macros the Gallery you may receive an error with a file extension referencing externals_... You may also select the workflow assets and the files are checked, but they are not loading to the gallery.


This often means the file cannot be found on the server side and as a result needs to be added to the workflow package and uploaded to with the app or macro.


Attaching the workflow assets can often be selected when exporting the workflow or adding them through the display asset management properties window within the input tool. Please see this Article for more information.


Similarly, you can also add assets within the events>>>Run command>>Assets tab.

Pic 1.png


Pic 2.png


Pic 3.png


If you add the assets through either of these methods when uploading to the Gallery, the server should be able to see the correct assets and execute without any externals errors.


Again if you are still experiencing any issues please reach out to Alteryx Support




Jordan Barker

Client Services Support Engineer