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Share Results in a Collection

5 - Atom
We have artisans that are collaborating on projects. They will need to share the resultes of their work within Alteryx.  In the Collection you can share applications but not results. We need to be able to share detailed data as well as reports. Does Alteryx have a method of doing that?
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Hi Bruce,

While we currently don’t have the ability to share results like apps in a collection, but do have the feature in our Alteryx Gallery roadmap. A couple of solutions that may help would be to export the app results to a file (.pdf, xls, etc) and email them or use the ‘Save to Dropbox’ feature from the App results page. 

5 - Atom

Hi Chad, 


Is this now possible? Can you please send us some pointers?


Our situation is that two users in the same collection in the Gallery would like to view each other's workflow results in order to avoid double work.


Any help is appreciated. 


Thank you,


8 - Asteroid

Are there any ways to do this in 2019.3+  now?