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Getting rid of Tab group name

8 - Asteroid

Not a huge deal, but just a minor annoyance on published apps. Is there a way to eliminate the tab naming reference that happens when creating each tab group? 




The "Questions" under the 'Questions' tab is what I'm talking about. I tried creating a new group, label, etc...

20 - Arcturus
20 - Arcturus



Questions can be bothersome if not answered.  Here's what I think that you're looking for.  In the Interface Designer, you can "select" the Question Tab Name.  Then look up at the Tab Configuration in the Configuration Panel.  You now have the opportunity to edit the Tab Name.  In the picture below, you'll see that I turned it to Answers.




I hope that this solves your app challenge.





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8 - Asteroid

@MarqueeCrew That's good for renaming, but I don't think that eliminates it showing up as a "group label" at the top when publishing to a Gallery? I know it doesn't show up on a designer wizard, but unless I'm missing something, the tab name is replicated right underneath it on the tab akin to a group header (assuming it's populated with text).


Designer App -

designer app.JPG


Gallery App-

gallery app.JPG


I don't want the Questions group header/tab header (for lack of a better description) to appear right underneath a Tab name that shows the exact same thing. It's redundant and annoying ;-)...